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Case Study: Coca-Cola Small World Machines

Coca-Cola is a global brand that has distinguished himself by creating memorable marketing campaigns. A few years ago they came up with the idea to use special live communication portals to invite consumers to put their differences aside and  promote cultural understanding.

The Small World Machines linked people from different countries (India and Pakistan) showing that what unites us is always stronger than what divides us.



“The people of Pakistan and India share a lot of common passions and interests – from food and Bollywood movies, to Coke Studio music, to cricket,” said Saad Pall, Assistant Brand Manager for Coca-Cola in Pakistan. “What this project did was connect people who are not exposed to each other on a daily basis, enabling the common man in Lahore to see and interact with the common man in Delhi. It’s a small step we hope will signal what’s possible.”


Watch the video to see the reactions of the people.

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