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Meet Fabiana
Founder, Event & Marketing Manager
The Spark

The name of the compnay comes from the same spark of passion that shines in Fabiana’s eyes when she talks about her work and has become her main daily drive.


The combination of an artistic soul and the precision of an architect allows Fabiana to curate each project with dedication and creativity, transforming each one of them into the most personal and unique experiences for her and her clients.

Marketing Specialist with Federal Certificate – and winner of a Swiss Marketing Award – Fabiana has been working in the event marketing sector for over 8 years. During her career, she had the pleasure to work in tight collaboration with important brands and locations also on an international level.

Some references:


Precision and attention to details

Creativity and efficiency

Proven ability to manage teams with energy and motivation

Italian, English, French and German


Marketing Specialist

with Professional Certificate


Integrated Communication (Oral)
Swiss Marketing Awards 2015